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Huawei’s new operating system is called HarmonyOS

Huawei’s new operating system is called HarmonyOS

facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagramWhen it comes to getting a customer service issue resolved as quickly as possible, publicly tweeting at a company can be quite effective. You’d certainly hope, however, that the company wouldn’t respond by publicly sharing your sensitive...

Sonos is working on its first-ever Bluetooth speaker

Sonos is working on its first-ever Bluetooth speaker

facebooktwitterinstagramyoutubeOne of two devices recently filed by Sonos with the FCC is a Bluetooth speaker, The Vergecan confirm. In the filing for product model S17, Sonos directly states that it’s “a high-performance wireless speaker and part of the Sonos sound...

What to expect at Apple’s September 10 iPhone event

Sep 10, 2019 | TECH

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro also include the same A13 Bionic processor. This should be the most powerful processor from the company yet. Given Tim Cook once boasted that its predecessor, the A12, was faster than any laptop CPU from Intel, we expect it to be a beast in the speed department. But as we’ve noted many times before, it’s frankly difficult to show off any speed improvements in a real measurable way that you or I would experience. Apple claims this processor is fast and will give you an additional hour of battery life compared to the XR. In our testing the iPhone XR got a little under 12 hours of battery life—so figure 13 hours on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max should have even better battery life owing to OLED screens and bigger batteries. The 11 Pro should get four more hours than the XS, and the 11 Pro Max should get five hours more than the XS Max. Based on our testing with last year’s models, that could translate to 15 hours on the 11 Pro and 18 on the 11 Pro Max.

It won’t let you pull off a crisp zoom of a famous basketball player like an XS or my DSLR (see above), but, again, for most people, it will be okay. Especially because beyond their displays and camera modules, the basic iPhone 11 and the Pro devices are remarkably similar.

Both let you do “slofies,” which is Apple’s excruciatingly silly name for video selfies in slow motion. Both let you use the new Night Mode, which will take better photos in the dark. Both will even be able to detect when your phone is on a tripod for improved nighttime photography.

We know Apple doesn’t hate USB-C — it’s the port on the latest iPad Pro, and the company also worked to develop the USB-C standard years ago for use on its Macs. However, Apple has stuck doggedly to the Lightning port for its iPhones, and Mat Smith is fed up.

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